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SAP implementation and support

Automation of business processes

Our team

Our employees form a united team of talented and energetic professionals, who are ready to listen carefully and share their experience and knowledge.


– is a successful dynamically developing company that specializes in the deployment and maintenance of ERP systems which are manufactured by the German company SAP AG.


Our employees form a united team of talented and energetic professionals, who are ready to listen carefully and share their experience and knowledge.


We are responsible for the final result and provide the customer with the support even after project completion.

Our customers

Cooperation with enterprises of oil and gas, banking and manufacturing segments of the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan

"Seven main business processes of the company were covered and automated within the framework of the implementation of this project (SAP ERP implementation project). The process of preparing a financial and management report, material and technical supply, extraction and liquidation of oil and gas, monitoring of contracts, recording results and monitoring the activities of the enterprise were among them. Automation of the main business processes of the enterprise makes it possible to provide the market with reliable information on-line, and to be able to make the necessary management decisions at the moment of certain events."

Bekezhanova Zh.
Deputy General Director for economics and finance
Exploration Production KazMunayGas, JSC

"I can admit with satisfaction that Kazakhstan's content is 100% in the work on the implementation of this IT program (SAP ERP) since last year. We had to attract Western and Russian specialists for that before. The program covers almost 90% of existing business processes and is aimed not only at financial activities, but also at the management activity. It is aimed at improving the quality of reporting and the quality of management decisions, and most importantly, at decision-making. "

Zhakenov A.A.
Director of Information Technology department
"KazMunayGas" trading house

"I would like to admit the positive effect of the consistent introduction and use of the system as a whole. And I want to express the hope that the Company will soon be able to really and deservedly evaluate the results of using the enormous possibilities of ERP of SAP system."

Узбаханов Т.Н.
Chief Accountant
Kazakhtelecom, JSC

"The application of the R / 3 system allowed to obtain consolidated reporting on all the branches of SHNOS, which are scattered all over Kazakhstan"

Lesbekova N.U.
Director of Accounting and Reporting Department
Shymkentnefteorgsintez, OJSC

"The big benefit of SAP is that it's not just a program, it's not just an information system. It is a solution that makes it necessary to change the business process, clean up those business processes that can be doubled, which can be erroneous, false, incorrect. Thus, the task of SAP goes far beyond the framework of just a program."

Shiryayev S.
Executive Director
GC "Vostok-Service" company

"It seems to me that those business processes that exist and are configured in SAP are often better than those business processes that are currently used by the organization. Therefore, a small company is fully capable of flexibly adjust and possibly even accept those business processes that SAP offers by default."

Nishta V.
“Sonel” company

"Availability of standard business processes. We think this is a big plus, a big advantage. It's really already a revised and consolidated experience of many companies, world-renowned, and successful companies. There is just no time for putting aside this experience and there is no need of inventing something new, and inventing something of our own."

Gromov А.
Project manager
"Europa Uno Trade" company

"The introduction of a system of such a scale as SAP ERP is not limited to changes in the company's IT infrastructure alone. It reflects more the structure and logic of the implementation of the business processes themselves. The most tangible achievements of the project include the optimization of financial management and logistics, which is manifested in increasing the accuracy, efficiency and validity of decisions."

Latypova М.
“Bakhetle” company


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